26 November 2008

Dorje's Alistair MacBrayne becomes wine correspondant

Touch Base, a magazine promoting businesses in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, have asked our resident wine expert Alistair to impart some of the knowledge gained through his 40 years working in the wine industry ina bi-monthly column. To get your hands on the latest edition of Touch Base, go to www.touch-base.uk.com

A Wine Merchant's Philosophy

Within our spirit we need to be inspired, for those of us who enjoy dabbling in the taste of Wines there is a sense of adventure. We travel along the vineyard trail and observe charismatic and beautiful scenes, capturing the atmosphere and culture of the people. The taste of Wine is a personal choice influenced by mood, circumstances and the state of the palate. Knowledge can only be gained by experience, like reading a book there are many chapters. Yet Wine is about life and living, and a bottle composes a sentence in our quest for the golden grail of contentment. Let us bring you a little interlude of relaxation and pleasure, where you can share an inspirational bottle to keep in your memories on your journey through life.

With Wine, we never stop learning, we are all students, and what makes the company of those sharing and tasting together pleasing, is the exchange of ideas composed from the heart. The fool is the person who purports to know it all and puts themself in an upper echelon. For us all Wine is a great leveller, as it is for wise men to bring peace into the World and creative thought for reflection and bring reason to a tangled argument.

Our message to you is:- 'Drink Good Wine and Be Happy, Appreciate Great Wine and Dream, But Taste the Best Wine and Go Satisfied with Happy Memories'

Ali MacBrayne